Young Women Entrepreneurs Win Thousands in Seed Money from the Sandy Area Chamber Young Entrepreneurs Academy

  Olivia Berhan (17 years old), CEO of Kelali, and Penelope Lorenzana (11 years old) CEO of LifeThyme Tool Co. were awarded over $3,000 each of seed money for their respective businesses at the 3rd Annual Sandy Area Chamber Young Entrepreneurs Academy Shark Tank Investor Panel. Out of 44 students these two young exceptional women[…]

Mentoring in Young Entrepeneurs Academy by Sean Marchant, US Novelty & Party Supply

Sean Marchant is one of our chamber ambassadors.  He has taken the opportunity to mentor some of the students in our Sandy Class for our Young Entrepreneurs Academy.  He has been providing valuable help to our students, which will get them prepared faster for our upcoming Investor Panel Shark Tank.  His comments and thoughts on[…]

Field Trip Updates

Hi everyone!  We hope you are enjoying the fun as much as we are in Young Entrepreneurs Academy.  Last week our students took tours of both the Leatherby’s Restaurant in Draper and the Megaplex Theatres at Valley Fair Mall.  The students learned a lot about what it takes to run both places. At Leatherby’s, the[…]