Mentoring in Young Entrepeneurs Academy by Sean Marchant, US Novelty & Party Supply

SeanSean Marchant is one of our chamber ambassadors.  He has taken the opportunity to mentor some of the students in our Sandy Class for our Young Entrepreneurs Academy.  He has been providing valuable help to our students, which will get them prepared faster for our upcoming Investor Panel Shark Tank.  His comments and thoughts on our mentorship program are below:

My name is Sean Marchant with U.S. Novelty & Party Supply. We became members of the Sandy Chamber of Commerce in 2015, and since that time I have been fortunate to get to know many wonderful people and participate in several worthwhile initiatives. One of those initiatives is the Young Entrepreneurs Academy.

Last Fall, Becky Guertler, the Director of Educational Programs for the Chamber, contacted me to see if I would be interested in being a mentor for some youth who had ideas to start their own businesses.

It sounded like a great program, and I was willing to help, but was concerned about the amount of time it might take, and if I could fit it in my schedule.

Since the program began several weeks ago, I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know the young men and women I am mentoring. They have enthusiasm for life and for their ideas, and have a great desire to become entrepreneurs. They are self-motivated and dedicated, and it has been fun assisting them with my own thoughts and connections. Although I don’t have the answers to all their questions, I have been able to connect them to others that have more expertise in those areas they require.

I feel like part of their team and am now invested in seeing them become successful. It’s an exciting experience to be a part of and I have made some great relationships in the process. I will certainly be looking at participating again as a mentor in the future.

I have come to see the importance of the Young Entrepreneurs Academy and the effect this can have on our community, and especially those involved in the process. These youth will be the leaders of our community in years to come, and helping them succeed during this impressionable time of life will go a long way in helping them be successful  adults and have a positive impact on future business leaders in our community.

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For anyone interested in mentoring, please contact Becky Guertler, Executive Director, Sandy Area Chamber Young Entrepreneurs Academy, at 801-727-4504 or by email: 

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