CLASS OF 2017!

WELCOME to all of our new students for the year!  We will be featuring a blog post with all of them in it, but here’s a sneak peak…  Say hello to the GTI and SANDY Cohorts!  Congratulations to all of our students!

gti-cohort sandy-cohort

The students had to go through a very competitive process to get into the class.  First they have to submit an application, including submitting their school transcripts as well as answer three essay questions. From those applications students are selected for in-person interviews.  In the interview process they are asked about their ideas, grades, personality, weaknesses and strengths.  After the interview they find out if they are selected to be in the program.

Committing to the program takes dedication and hard work.  Students become the CEOs of their own real businesses!  Sometimes students decide to team up and work as partnerships.  During the first months of the program, we take a look at all of the ideas we have, we invite some engineers, business entrepreneurs and others to join us in talking about ideas that could turn into business opportunities.  From there we decide which ones are viable and then it’s on to creating a business plan.  Students learn about market research, business financials, and even how to hold a press conference.  Marketing plans are made and executed and web experts are brought in to talk about online marketing and websites.  At the end of March, the students take their business plans and present them to a panel of investors where they compete for startup money.  After the investor panel, they participate in a trade show and talk with people about their companies!  At the end of the program they graduate as CEOs of their own companies!

After that, Alumni of Sandy Area Chamber Young Entrepreneurs Academy will be invited to return to some alumni events, speak to class members next year and be able to participate in future events.  For more information about alumni opportunities, contact Becky at the Sandy Area Chamber of Commerce 801-566-0344.


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